Highly efficient. Environmentally friendly. Reliable cooling.

PolarRak™ for Data Centers

Waterless Cooling

The safe, environmentally friendly coolant eliminates the risk of short circuits, electrical shock and equipment damage that occur when water-cooled systems leak.

Energy Efficient

Reducing reliance on air conditioning improves energy efficiency and frees up power to add up to 15% more data servers.


The PolarRak™ cooling system is gravity driven, making it ideal for rack-mounted servers. One condenser can eliminate heat from multiple servers.

Easy Installation

Connect cold plates from multiple servers and racks to a common condenser mounted outside of the rack room to simplify installation and reduce costs.

The PolarRack™ system transfers heat from servers to efficiently cool data centers and cut energy costs by reducing the need for air conditioning. Using patented MHP™ technology, PolarRak™ directly removes heat from CPUs using environmentally friendly cooling refrigerant and pump-free gravity circulation. This means no moving parts and no water, for safely and reliably cooling data centers.

"Data centers can run up to 30% cooler with QuantaCool's MHP technology"


Energy-Saving, Cost-Effective Data Center Cooling

20% of a data center’s power consumption goes towards using air conditioning to cool the server rack rooms. By directing heat to the cooling medium, PolarRak™ cools the servers, which in turn cools the room. This can cut the overall data center electric costs by 12-15%. At an average electricity cost of 8 cents per kilowatt-hour, the power cost savings for a 107,000 square foot data center is about $2 million per year.

Environmentally friendly coolant

Because water-cooled systems require toxic chemicals to inhibit corrosion and prevent algae growth, PolarRak™, which uses an environmentally friendly coolant, is the safer choice.

No-leak coolant eliminates the risk for data center disaster

Consistent isothermal temperature prevents damage to servers from heat spikes. The no-leak coolant eliminates the risk for data center disaster inherent with water-cooled systems.

Safe, Waterless Cooling

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